VortexHealing is presently taught around the world by the certified teachers shown on the home page of this website. We offer 9 levels of training, but even the Core Training gives you one of the most powerful healing tools you’ll ever find. The healing tools, as well as the deep transformations that happen in trainings, are not generated by the teachers of the trainings but by the divine presence that operates through them, which is the source of the classes and our lineage. The healing tools are given by ‘direct consciousness transmission’, transmitted directly from ‘divine mind’ to your consciousness and energy system.

Our lineage began with a man named Mehindra who lived about 5600 years ago. Mehindra was not a typical ‘karmic’ human being—he was not a soul or incarnational personality. He was an avatar—a direct incarnation of divinity into human form. Every avatar brings a unique aspect of Divine Expression into manifestation. The aspect of the Divine that Mehindra manifests is Magical Transformation.

But VortexHealing didn’t come into being until thousands of years later. In 753 B.C., a man living in what is now England, who was close to enlightenment, received the gift of VortexHealing as a Divine revelation from Mehindra. Mehindra presented himself as ‘Merlin’, a name chosen because it was the closest word vibrationally (in the language of that area) to the quality of Magical Transformation. Working with this Divine gift, the man became enlightened and began to pass the gift on to others, through the mechanism of direct consciousness transmission. This was the beginning of the Merlin lineage on earth and the beginning of VortexHealing.

Along the way, the lineage was ‘lost’ and re-discovered several times. It was recovered in modern times when, in November 1994, Ric Weinman had an experience in which he suddenly found himself standing in a huge inter-dimensional vortex. His feet were still on the ground, but the rest of him was ‘elsewhere’. A voice that identified itself as the Divine Expression named Merlin started to dialogue with him and gave him the transmission that would enable him to re-start the teaching of VortexHealing. Merlin directed him to start doing healings with it. (Ric was a full-time healer at the time.) A few weeks later he was shocked to discover that in a single session he had healed a man of viral chronic fatigue (called M.E. in some parts of the world) that he had had for 20 years. During the next months, Ric found himself healing conditions and diseases that he knew he wouldn’t have been able to significantly impact before. Other people, seeing the impact of Ric’s healings, wanted to learn it, and about 9 months later he offered the first VortexHealing class in Tucson, Arizona, where he was living at the time.

Since then, other teachers have received the VortexHealing teacher transmission through Ric and teach VortexHealing in various parts of the world. In addition, VortexHealing itself has undergone an enormous evolution from where it was in ancient times. The depth and power of it today is indeed remarkable. When you experience what VortexHealing is able to do, you will know why the Merlin of myth(who was actually the 5th Merlin of the lineage) was considered to be a man of magic.

VortexHealing entered a new phase when Merlin facilitated Ric’s spiritual awakening in August, 2002. Classes were soon developed to facilitate this awakening for students as well. And as these classes progressed and deepened, it became clear that Merlin’s divine intention was for all students of his lineage to be awakened. VortexHealing now has two interweaving manifestations: that of a healing art and that of an awakening path. At a certain level of training now, any student can take the class that breaks down the Core Veil, the center of the ego-structure in the human personality. We call this ‘Basic Awakening’. And other awakening movements are created in later awakening classes.

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