Core Training

Taking the Core VortexHealing® Training

This 5 day Training needs to be taken before any of the other VortexHealing trainings can be taken. It is taught worldwide. No previous experience in healing is required. Prices vary according to location and whether room and/or board is provided. To find out about a class in your country or locale, please check the Schedule and then email or call the organizer listed there, who can answer any questions you may have and help you with registration. In some non-English speaking countries, some classes are taught in English and translated, and some are taught in the native language.

VortexHealing classes are open to all interested adults. Teenagers and children are accepted on a case-by-case basis. We try to accommodate those with physical disabilities; please discuss any potential issues with the organizer first.

Registering for a Core VortexHealing® Training

To locate a Core Training in your area, go to our Schedule page and click on the year you are interested in. For each class there is an organizer listed, along with phone and email contact details. The organizer can answer any questions you may have and help you with registration.

You can also view Class Prices , our Deposit/Cancellation Policy,  a Description of All Classes, and a Flowchart that shows the order of the Training

The Nature of Core VortexHealing® Training

A brief description of this Training will not easily convey the depth of it, nor the fact that, for many, it is a life-changing event.

Throughout the class you undergo a tremendous ‘light-acceleration’, which evolves your energy system and enables you to receive the VortexHealing transmissions from the Divine Source of our lineage. The main transmission is called the ‘Vortex Wheel’, which comes into manifestation in the heart. This is our energetic bridge for accessing Divine energy and consciousness. It enables (a) the channeling of 49 unique forms of Divine Vortex Energy, (b) the channeling of Merlin’s Healing Essence, which brings in the transformative power of Divine Consciousness, and (c) the ability to channel energy from the Divine Web.

The individual healing tools can be channeled separately or together. Since each form of Vortex Energy has a unique function (to energize, to ground, to nurture, to burn out infection, etc), and since Merlin’s Healing Essence accesses Divine Consciousness, this enables a very wide range of healing possibilities: 

  • The energy system as a whole, or specific parts of it, can be deeply energized (or grounded, or nurtured, or transformed, etc.).
  • The meridian system can be cleared and harmonized.
  • ‘Karma knots’ (which are a core support for karmic & emotional issues, held in the karmic body) can be cleared.
  • Deep clearings can be done through the subtle energetic bodies, chakras and physical tissues
  • Both emotional and physical issues can be deeply impacted by this work. 
  • This  healing can be done on yourself or others, in person or at a distance.

In addition, there are other transformative processes that are taught in class:

  • You learn how to get information from Divine Presence.
  • You learn meditations for connecting more deeply with Divine Presence and for opening the spiritual heart.
  • You recreate your Grounding Cord, which grounds you to the core of the earth and strengthens you. (Everyone is born with a grounding cord, but in the West, almost everyone loses it by the time they are 4 years old.)
  • You learn how to bring focus to the 3rd eye.
  • You receive a lot of detailed information about our energy system and about how our issues become embedded in it.
  • Your receive a very detailed map for the spiritual awakening that is generated by the Divine through the process and classes of VortexHealing.

During the Training there will be hands-on healing practice, both in healing oneself and others. 

Note: Because VortexHealing® is run by Divine consciousness, it can never be used for anything other than positive purposes.

VortexHealing classes are open to all interested adults. Teenagers and children are accepted on a case-by-case basis. No discrimination is made based on race, creed, color, religion, or sexual orientation. Reasonable accommodation is attempted for those with disabilities

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