Musical instrument research

Below are photos that illustrate research done with VortexHealing and musical instruments at a sound lab in Tucson, Arizona. The photos are frequency maps, with different colors representing the different frequencies emanating from the musical instrument during testing.

     Plastic Flute: In the photos of the Plastic Flute, Before & After, note that the predominant color, representing the main range of frequencies of the single note played, is green. The other colors in the Before photo, though, are not additional harmonics; they are joist ‘noise’.  Notice that almost all of the noise is gone in the After photo. VortexHealing harmonized the plastic flute in a way that eliminated the noise.

     Guitar: In the photos of the Guitar Before and Guitar After, we see the opposite effect. For these photos, a chord was played. The predominant frequency of that chord shows up as yellow, and the other colors represent additional harmonics. Notice in the After photo, though, that there is a change in these other colors—there is a lot more of  each of these colors, meaning that more of the chord’s harmonics are now emanating from the guitar. VortexHealing had the effect of amplifying the additional harmonics of the chord, creating a fuller, richer sound in the guitar. There are even some additional harmonics at the top, in the dark red band that were not there at all in the Before photo

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