Drug-Use Policy in VortexHealing® Classes

       The use of psychedelic drugs, whether in natural or chemical form, whether legal or illegal, are not permitted on the days of any VortexHealing class, which includes the evenings between class days. This is because psychedelics alter the energy system in a way that somewhat interferes with the receiving of VortexHealing transmissions, and they have some impact on the group field of the class. Psychiatric drugs are exempted, as is medical marijuana, where there is a prescription, but in either case the teacher needs to be informed, and those taking medical marijuana should be aware that the VortexHealing transmissions they receive will be weakened by the impacted state of their energy system. (If the teacher knows the situation he/she may be able to compensate somewhat for it.) Medical drugs, of course, are also exempt, but the teacher should be informed of any deep medical conditions. In addition, drunkenness is not permitted, although moderate alcohol use after class is fine. Note, though, that if alcohol is taken at lunch, even a glass of wine, its tendency to ‘dull the senses’ will make the student less sensitive to feeling/sensing energy for some hours afterwards. Anyone in violation of this policy will need to drop out of the class (but may re-take it later as a repeater), and there will be no refunding of tuition.

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