Healing Story:

"My son Michael has Spina Bifida and he has the worst type, which is Mylo Menigcele. His lesion is at lumbar 4- lumbar 5, which leaves him with very very limited to no sensation from the waist down. And he regularly gets dicuvitis ulcers on his buttocks and his feet. Before the Vortex, he had 3 large ones: one on his buttocks and one on each foot. Vortex structures were put in them. And within a week the one on his right foot completely healed, the one on his left is becoming minimal, and the one on his buttocks, which was down to the bone and not healed at all, started to heal from the inside/ up, as it should.  

Healing Story:

Every single person that I've worked on with Vortex seems to recognize without a doubt that something very different and special has happened. They are always aware of something else coming in, if I add it at the end of a session using another healing art, like cranial. Even the most skeptical people have been amazed by the effects. In addition to what they experience energetically, they generally say they are quite changed by the experience emotionally. I am so thrilled by the potential of sharing this with people. It never ceases to amaze me. Here are some examples:

(1) A man came with very bad arthritis, and when he came through the door he said his arthritis was so bad today his son had to help him get the coins out of his purse. The arthritis was so bad, he couldn't get a job. He knew nothing about any of this kind of work, but I met him in a shop and had a conversation with him, and he came in. After 10 minutes he said, 'I have to tell you I don't have a pain anyhere in my body.' When he got up he opened his purse to offer me some money and he said, 'Look. I can pick up the money. When I spoke to his wife 10 days later, she said that when he came back, he was a different man. He slept for 3 nights and it was the first time he had slept through the night for 6 or 7 years because of the pain. I saw him over 6 months later, and he had remained better than he had been for years. He had remained completely pain free for 2-3 months from that one session. And now, he occasionally got the odd twinge but not like it used to be.

 (2) A lady I worked with recently said she felt as if an abdominal operation had happened during the session.

(3) A chap at work dropped a computer on his foot and broke his big toe. He was having difficulty walking and was in pain. I picked his foot up not knowing if this would help but I put a 'Vortex structure' in his toe. He could actually feel it go into his toe and build a bridge in the space where the break was. Within three days he was back to wearing normal shoes with no significant discomfort.

(4) I was working on a man with a neck and lower back problem. He had tried all sorts of medical things without success. He came for cranio-sacral work, which began to ease things. Then I told him about VortexHealing. He was willing to try it. During the session he felt his whole body start to vibrate from top to bottom, which he found quite strange, because he hadn't experienced anything like that before. As we progressed, not only did the lower back and neck feel better, but in work he was calmer and began to develop different attitudes towards life. He told me that his wife said the change in him in stress levels and in himself in general was remarkable. Then I went on holiday with my younger daughter to Crete. Before I left I told him I'd work on him with the Vortex from a distance, but I didn't arrange a time. One afternoon I decided to do a session. He later told me the day and time he felt I was working on him, which was exactly right. He said he felt a shudder go through his body and he became aware of me. It was like my hands had gone down on his head and like he was lying on my healing table. He said it last for 35 minutes, which was exactly how long I worked on him. He also said he had felt something like that for just a couple of minutes the day before, and it turned out I had also tried to work on the day before but after a few minutes I was interrupted and had to stop.

Healing Story:

VortexHealing affects the pulses in a very similar way to acupuncture, but qualitatively it can be much better than acupuncture. It's more harmonious--the Vortex treats the body at a deeper level. The changes I get with VortexHealing are similiar to what I would get with 5 element acupuncture if I were treating the body at spirit level. It has a deep, smooth and harmonious effect on pulses--more than you would get treating with acupuncture on a symptom level or a general energetic level treating syndromes. Yet on a symptom level, it changes the pulses as effective as 8 principle acupuncture. For example, for liver stagnation, the pulse will lose its wiry quality. Physical symptoms respond quicker than with acupuncture. There have also been times where the Vortex has gotten to things that acupuncture couldn't. As if the acupuncture took the system to some energetic wall but couldn't get through it, but the Vortex could go through that wall. I've been recently sensing the possibilities of channelling the Vortex energy or its healing realm directly into acupuncture points. At the very least, I've observed it works as well as needles, but without the pain. And I sense there are other possibilities, other benefits. One client of mine with uterine cancer had the cancer - reduced by about one half the size, mostly from the Vortex.

Healing Story:

 I had chronic fatigue for 20 years. Sometimes it was worse than others. When it was bad I could only be on my feet 4 hours a day. I could get groceries and do some errands, and then I'd have to rest. When it was better I could walk around for 6 hours a day. I got involved with alternative healing methods because there was nothing doctors could do. But I couldn't get rid of it. Then, after more than 20 years, I did a trade with a Vortex healer. I laid on my stomach and he put his hands over my kidneys. When I sat up again, I felt like I had been in deep meditation; I had a peaceful, soothing feeling. When I left I tried to eat a salad, but couldn't eat it. It took 3 days to eat that salad. I felt hunger but couldn't put anything in my stomach. After those 3 day I noticed my energy level coming up and up and up. I knew the chronic fatigue was gone. And it has stayed gone. Just from that one session."

Healing Story:

When I came for VortexHealing, I'd been working with an herbalist for 3 years trying to clear up what she had diagnosed as candida. The VortexHealer thought my problem was not candida but chronic fatigue. I had several VortexHealing sessions, and after this, the herbalist, not knowing I'd had these treatments, proclaimed I was no longer testing out as having candida. I don't know whether it was chronic fatigue or candida, but I did notice I had more energy, better digestion, and a generally improved feeling of lightness, alertness and clear-headedness."

Healing Story:

Since learning VortexHealing, I have found enormous acceleration in my own consciousness. I am a much healthier, happier person. I find Vortex more gentle than Reiki but also more intense in clearing blockages. And I feel you can get faster results with Vortex. With Reiki, you just surrender into the energy and let the energy do the work. The energy is guided by the spirit of the person doing the receiving. With Vortex, it's guided by the spiritual consciousness within the Vortex, but there's also the option of adding my own awareness to it, to direct it where I see a problem. The Vortex also speeds up the evolution of the consciousness and awareness of the receiver. I've run a full-time healing practice for two years now, and I also use Vortexhealing in my practice. It certainly has accelerated the healing process of my clients. One instance I will give is, this lady age 29 came--or should I say was brought--to me by her mother. She was living at home with her mother and brother. She was extremely destructive, had not eaten for days, and as mother said was "behaving like someone posessed." She arrived in her pajamas, because she refused to get dressed. I took her as an emergency case at 11pm. She wasn't too happy about being led to me, but more or less gave in to go on the healing bed. I applied Vortex and Mauma [the Vortex healing realm] for approximately 1 1/2 hours. There was such a sense of sadness about her, but I had said to her that "we would laugh together yet." She came again the next night and she was more tormented in herself. Had been cutting up electric cables at home. She was very doubtful about getting on the healing bed, but once again she surrendered. I did the same procedure of healing. The third night was the same. The fourth night, she was due to come, and about an hour before she came I got a very deep sense of her and knew that her healing had taken place. She arrived all smiles was more happy to receive her healing. We laughed and laughed. Now, she has a job in the kitchen of a very busy pub. Her landlady is a good friend of mine and has told me that my client is much happier within herself. She definitly is not anorexia anymore, as the landlady has seen her polish off some food. I believe that the VortexHealing was the key for her, because of being able to access with it the conciousness of seven divine beings. I hope this story helps others, and encourages them in their lives.

Healing Story:

When I use other healing arts for most of a session, finishing it with Vortex is very effective. Clients seem to really notice it. They'll say, 'That last 15 minutes was very good, or very energizing, or very powerful.'

Healing Story:

I had psoriasis for many years and a very weak liver. RicWeinman thought putting a Vortex energy structure in my liver would help. The first time he put one in, I didn't notice any change at first, but that evening I came down with nausea and diarrhea. I assumed I had gotten food poisoning, but when I spoke to Ric, he said it was caused by the energy structure helping my liver to release a large amount of backed-up toxins all at once. The second time he put a Vortex structure in my liver, it was much cleaner and I didn't notice any adverse reactions. But when he placed the structure in my liver I felt an intense surge of warmth and energy in that area of my body. I had never felt such an intense energy from hands-on healing work before. And my general energy level improved."

Healing Story:

My son [11 years old] has mild asthma. If he had milk products during the day, by the evening there was a lot of mucous build up, with coughing and wheezing. Since using the Vortex allergy desensitization technique on him for milk, he has had absolutely no mucous reaction to milk of any sort. Also, after working with VortexHealing on my father, who cracked a vertebra because of osteoporosis, I realized quite clearly, when I came home from visiting him, that I could work with him with the Vortex just as well at a distance."

Healing Story:

             (1) "My mother, who is 83, has suffered from osteoarthritis for years, and it causes her a lot of pain, especially in her knees. In addition to the Vortexhealings I give her, I put Vortex energy in jars and program them to be used for pain relief. My mother opens a jar and pours it on her knees as needed, and generally has a pain-free day afterwards.

 She keeps the jars of light on her dresser. One day my sister asked her what all the empty jars were for. My mother didn't want to tell her, but when my brother walked in, he looked at the jars and exclaimed, "Hey, those are all full of light."

 My mother also participates in an arthritis swim class in the local pool. Recently the teacher approached her and said she has improved in strength and vitality more than any other participant in the program, ever."

 (2) My 63-year-old aunt, who is an OB nurse, said she wanted to try VortexHealing. It was her first experience with energy healing, and she was nervous. She said afterwards she saw lots of light and colors and felt waves of energy moving through her.

 Two days later, I asked her if God or angels had ever appeared for her. (She is a Presbyterian and attends a weekly Bible study group.) She told me that twice in her life, in times of crisis, she has prayed for help and God has appeared as a light. Both times the experiences were very moving and transformative. "That's how I knew the healing you did was real," she told me. "It was the third time I experienced God."

Healing Story:

 (1) "Ric Weinman wanted to put my violin in the Vortex healing realm to see how much it would improve the sound. I was a little doubtful, but I was amazed at how much clearer and cleaner the sound became. It was richer, too. I didn't tell my orchestra leader anything, though, because he would think I was crazy. But when I used it, he asked me if I had gotten a new violin. He could hear how different the sound was.

 (2) One time I was in a car crash and afterwards really felt out of my body. It was very disturbing. I tried some different healers and they all agreed that I was out of my body but they couldn't do anything about it. Then Ric called me and said it was because the divine line [from the divine web] coming out of my left leg into the ground had been broken by the trauma. He knew how to fix it, but he wasn't in Ireland. I had taken the XXX Vortex Training, but he didn't know how I could use the Vortex to fix it. Then he called me back and told me he had figured out a way to use the healing realm to do it. He told me what to do on myself, and almost instantly I felt a shift. I was back in my body again. After that I was fine."

Healing Story:

 An article in the Autumn 1998 issue of "Kindred Spirit" magazine caught my attention. It pictured Ric Weinman offering a violin to be "healed" using what he calls "VortexHealing." Now, being a professional freelance performing violinist and teacher, I could not resist the challenge to my current ideas that musical instruments could benefit from such a procedure. Consequently, I attended a talk/demonstration/group-healing to check out these extraordinary claims. I took with me a mediocre ¾ size violin which I had recently purchased and repaired for one of my budding pupils. The instrument had not been played recently and had just received new fittings (bridge, strings, etc.). On arrival at the event, I was of course easily spotted with the violin. I was immediately invited to act as a guinea pig during the session; an invitation I gratefully accepted with a mixture of both excitement and curiosity. When the moment arrived, Ric asked me to play a few notes to the audience so that we could appreciate the initial sound of the instrument in its raw state. Being but a ¾ instrument and unplayed since its repair, it sounded somewhat boxed in, rather short of open resonance and was difficult to play. Ric then worked on the instrument by placing it in the "Vortex" for a few minutes. He simply held it in outstretched arms as if offering it up whilst employing a form of special breathing. It was then returned to me to play again. As the first notes rang out from the strings I could see the jaws of the audience visibly dropping! The sound was totally transformed. This tiny fiddle was now ringing with the type of resonance I usually only expect from the fine antique (200-300 year old) violins I use for professional performance. This was a truly shattering experience for me and one which requires the re-evaluation of the traditional factors which make a violin sound good. It has never been satisfactorily explained why a modern violin made to the same exacting standards of craftsmanship as a Stradivarius never sounds so good. Can it be that the value of a Stradivarius, for instance, lies mainly in the quality of vibration fine performers over the centuries have imbued it with? Does Ric's VortexHealing show that so-called lesser instruments can be "healed" from the effects produced by mediocre players? Can new instruments be imbued with their ideal resonance from birth by this method? I simply have to know more and will be attending Ric's courses as soon as possible.

Healing Story:

 Four of us who had taken the Vortex Training were with another friend in the Indian shop in Limberg. We saw some Tibetan singing bowls and started to play and compare one to the other. The sound of each one changed when we gave them some Vortex energy. The before Vortex sound was nice, but a bit muffled in comparison to the after Vortex sound, which was clearer, more integrated and lasted longer. Each time we tried it, we noticed a distinct difference."

Healing Story:

 What I love about the group Vortex meditations is the journeying into the inner universe. I often experience becoming one with the essence of the universe and transforming from form to form to form."

Healing Story:

 I've had chronic insomnia since childhood and have received little relief from traditional medicine. This began to have devastating effects on every part of my life. After exhausting every available medical and psychological avenue, as well as acupuncture, I sought the help of a Vortex healer, who used a Vortex "sleep spell' on me. I felt it instantly, as it was it was being created. I felt a sensation of well-being and instant relaxation. That night I slept through the night for the first time in decades without medication and woke up the next morning remarkably refreshed. The spell seemed to last for a whole month, and then I went in for another session, which got me sleeping again."

Healing Story:

 I worked with a man, 54 years old, who never remembered dreaming in his life. After the first VortexHealing session, he dreamed that very night. Then he went six nights without dreaming. I gave him another Vortex session, and he's been dreaming regularly since then. Previously I had treated him with cranio-sacral and massage, without any effect on his lack of dreaming.

Healing Story:

 I had done healing before taking the Vortex Training. I was able to sense things all my life. But after the Vortex Training, energy became so sharp and clear to me. I now have no doubt about what I am getting from people. After the Training I felt like an energy radiator. And I don't worry about whether I am doing it right, I just trust it and know that it is working. The Vortex is a very very gentle energy. If Reiki is like a very clear line of energy, the energy of the Vortex is like the whole area around being clear. I use it all the time. I'm now in a new dimension within myself. Like I'm seeing something that is unseen. I never felt so whole in myself. Like coming home."

Healing Story:

 (1) My first profound experience with VortexHealing was during the first training class. Previous to this I had been in India for 8 months and suffered from dysentry of some different kinds. On returning I got some medical advice and after taking some killer-strong antibiotics I was tested clear. In myself, though, I felt my liver was aching and my appetite still did not return and I could not eat oily or spicy food. What should I do, I asked myself? I asked Ric Weinman about this and he thought there was still something alive in my liver. He treated me with the Vortex and I felt a warm light in my liver. The next morning I awoke at 7:30 and the first thing I felt was hunger. Then I knew something had changed because usually I wouldn't have hunger until 11 AM or noon. Ric checked me again for the next couple of days and my liver looked to be getting a cleanout. Now I'm happy to say my digestion is doing really well. When I'm doing physical working I can eat 4 meals a day and still be hungry.

 (2) After I had been practising Vortex awhile a friend came one evening with an unbearable pain in her head and very intense in her upper jaw. She was willing to try anything so I suggested some Vortex. The healing lasted about 25 minutes, and when she got up she said that she experienced a bright light come through my hands and in a short time the pain had completely gone. Both she and I were amazed at the healing which had just taken place. This was her first experience of any type of healing.

 (3) Another friend had had an ear problem for a year and a half, and of late it had become more intense where she couldn't hear her teacher speak in class due to the blocked ears. Again I suggested Vortex Healing . She also had no previous knowledge about any healing arts, but was willing to try anything if it would work. On beginning this healing I was overwhelmed at the volume of light passing through me as I remained open. She later told me that she really felt that something had happened because her right eye cried all through the healing and her right side and especially her right arm went numb. That night she experienced a lot of pain in her ears and the next day it was gone and her hearing returned to being perfect.

Healing Story:

 I went to see Ric for an interview. I mentioned that I had a problem with my wrists that started 9 years ago when I had to put my hands into nearly frozen sewage water because of a problem I had with sewage in my house. Since then I have been feeling pain. And because I was working as a masseuse, I never had an opportunity to rest. The pain became more and more chronic. I had to stop doing massage. Since then I have had pain and difficulty when pressing with my hands. Over the 9 years, I tried acupuncture, herbs, colonics, homeopathics, aromatherapy, and black mud packs from the dead sea. Nothing affected the pain at all. Ric gave me one VortexHealing treatment of 1 1/2 minutes. He told me to come back in 3 days. After the 2nd treatment the pain was gone completely. This lasted for 6-8 weeks. Then the pain began to come back, but Ric had left Israel, so I couldn't get more treatments from him.

Healing Story:

 For me the Basic VortexHealing Training was an incredible experience. In terms of energy, this is the most powerful workshop I have ever attended. The energy penetrates to the deepest, most subtle levels, and yet operates on a dense level also.

 Before this I worked with Level Two Reiki, which has a beautiful, soothing golden quality to it. The Vortex Energy, in comparison, feels to me like a power hose of bright white energy, while Mauma [the Vortex healing realm] feels like a deep, still lake. When these two are combined in Full VortexHealing, the intensity, depth and holistic nature of the treatment just has to be experienced!

 All in all, VortexHealing is the deepest and most all-encompassing system of healing I have ever encountered. A true gift!

Healing Story:

 I was raised by my grandmother from the age of 3 months until I was 12. She was a psychic, astrologer and reader. When she passed away, I actually had a physical experience; I passed out in my classroom at the moment of her death. The only thing left XXX to me was her watch and her books. Since then, I always wanted to reconnect to her. And I carried her watch with me, which was always stuck at ten 'til one.

 Now when I started doing psychic readings, I became emotionally needy towards her, wanting her to guide me and instruct me; and she had promised to be there, to be available. But I could never get her, not even in dream state.

 When I decided to do the VortexHealing Training, I thought maybe I should bring the watch, to see if I could bring her in. After one meditation, when everyone was sharing, I had nothing to share and I looked down at the watch, and it was five to one. I thought I must have knocked it or moved it. I listened to it, but no tick. I kept listening to stories in the class and looked down again, and it was five after one. And I was like; okay now; I'm not hallucinating; that's an actual movement. I picked it up and listened, and there it was, the faintest tick. I started hitting Susan who was sitting next to me, I was so excited. I watched it, and it moved, and it moved again, and finally it was a quarter after one. And I lifted it up, and the tick was a loud as could be. I hadn't even wound it; nothing. It's been 19 years. Always stuck at ten 'til one.

 The morning after, I wanted to set it to the right time, but I was afraid to do it. I thought, "should I?" and I heard a voice; a male, very deep, kind of authoritative but gentle at the same time kind of voice; and that was the voice of Merlin to me. And he said, 'I fixed it for good, so stop being so silly.' And I heard this laughter.

 And the watch keeps getting louder and louder and louder. That's what's so amazing to me. It just keeps getting louder. It like a walking miracle; it's definitely the most tangible experience or proof I've had that what I'm doing in my life is real.

 And it's months later now, but the watch is still ticking. And it's not a battery-operated watch, but it never needs rewinding. Even strangers, like in grocery stores, are drawn to it. They keep noticing and commenting on the watch.

Student Story

Our Aromatherapist had severe breathing problems - an allergy of some kind for which she received hospital treatment to no avail.  She thought maybe she had picked up some bad energy from a client.  We gave her VortexHealing - filtering her aura and putting her in Mauma.  We also picked up on a miscarriage she had some years ago - her child was present. After our healing she recovered completely and her clients remarked how well she looked.  She is now recommending us.

I gave her some Vortex jars to help clear her salon after sessions.  She gave one to a client whose husband was in hospital suffering from cancer. He had been given 24 hours to live. He opened the jar and remarked there was nothing inside.  She had written him a note saying it was full of positive energy.  He made a quick recovery and was able to be sent home and put his affairs in order. Then after a couple of weeks or so he had a relapse, before he was able to receive another jar of energy, and died peacefully.  She is sure the Vortex energy helped him.

  Healing Story:

I have a story to share with you for your file of Vortex stories. I was treating a woman who had a tumor in her pancreas.  Merlin said to place a homeopathic crystal into the tumor with an intent to dissolve it.  The woman was to go for a procedure to determine whether the tumor was cancerous. Two weeks later, when she went for the procedure, the tumor was significantly smaller, and puzzled  doctors removed a crystallized substance that they are now analyzing.  She and I had a great laugh together.

  Healing Story:

My car is an automatic that has two settings, A for ordinary auto and S for sport which keeps the car in a lower gear and gives more uumph. You switch from one to other with a little switch by the gear lever. I noticed on the way down that it was stuck in A and no amount of switching would change it. On the way back I tried it out again and still no joy. I decided the divine was protecting us by not letting me drive too fast. Halfway back we stopped to eat and pulling back onto the motorway I tried again as a bit of uumph can help at that point. Still no joy. Glenda phoned her son and was chatting on the mobile so I thought 'why not', put my hand over the switch and sent some Vortex for about a minute. I tried the switch again. Still no joy and I just thought 'oh well, that would have been nice'. About 30 secs later the car gave a little lurch and I thought 'that's funny I didn't notice a bump'. I looked down and the lurch was the car changing down a gear as it went into S mode. It has worked perfectly since.

  Healing Story:

            This occurred on a plane trip home from Grimstone to USA, on the last connecting flight from Frankfurt to New Jersey.

            A woman is standing in the isle waiting to advance so she can reach her seat. The line does not move for quite awhile and I notice her getting impatient and favoring one of her legs. She eyes the empty seat next to me and I motion for her to sit down and rest until the line progresses. She does. She also decides to just stay where she is and the stewardess comes to her with another passenger eventually and informs her that it is not her seat. And being the conversation is all in German I don’t know the particulars, but the other passenger is satisfied and happy with taking the woman’s original seat.

Saskia [the woman] has severe knee pain in her right knee, which I eventually find out by watching her rub and bend the knee often and from a few translated conversations by the stewardess. She has had the pain for over five years, was told it was arthritis under the patella (knee cap), and is on heavy pain killers. (Which were obviously not effective.)

After several hours of simple gestures, borrowing items, and exchanging simple words we develop a rapport. I borrow her German translation book and that combine with three drawings of how energy moves she is willing to let me work with her and her knee.

Heart of Merlin’s Jewel 5 min, Karmic Body on issue behind cause of knee pain 20min. All Bodies 5 min same.  Body of Merlin’s Jewel 45min on knee itself. BodyMind Wake up structure 8 min.  Energized her system.

            Six days after the flight. Saskia’s daughter calls me and states, “We can’t believe it. My mother is in no pain. She can walk all day and before this if she walked more than an hour she would be in severe pain and unable to walk any more.”

The women wanted me to meet her in the airport before her return flight to work on her back.

  Healing Story:

I wondered what the results of Vortex healing would be. WOW!!  Was I amazed!!!  I first worked on myself with wonderful results, then clients, but the most spectacular result was very personal. My brother was in intensive care in a hospital hooked up to all the machinery-he could not breathe on his own for several days when I came in to see him in a state of near coma. He was not expected to wake up any time soon, My husband, his girlfriend and a hospital worker were in the room and witnessed him waking up fully lucid (also not expected) and motioning for something to write with (you can't talk while fully intubated) five minutes after I completed the Vortex session. It was one of the most amazing moments I have ever had!!

PS- He is fine now.

  Healing Story:

I had been suffering with Ankylosing Spondylitis for around twelve years; nine of which were spent trying to get a correct diagnosis.  By the time I was diagnosed I was having spells lasting four to eight weeks when I would get sharp stabbing pains running through the length of my spine that caused me to collapse.  When [my VortexHealing practitioner] said she would like to try and help me by using healing and then went on to explain VortexHealing I was skeptical but I arranged to have a treatment the next night which went very well.  After ten minutes I felt the pain go……….it just went!!  I took more treatment to help with my back and other things in my life.  This all happened around a year ago (March 2003) and my back is still pain free.  I have had no treatment since.  When I was diagnosed it was made clear that I would be in a wheelchair by the age of fifty because the disease is fusing the bones in my spine.  This is checked every year at hospital to see how much movement is lost.  At the last check up I had not lost any movement and in some areas it had improved. 

  Healing Story:

            It was December 2002 when my brother directed his friends to me.  They were given the diagnosis that their unborn child (due 2 months later) would only live hours after his birth due to polycystic kidney disease.  The waters in the womb were also lowering so the baby’s lungs were in danger too.

I went to work on giving the baby Vortex Healings while inside the womb.  A month and about 15 treatments later a scan showed, to the medical fields disbelief, that the waters were back up, hence the baby’s lungs were out of danger.  Still though, the diagnosis was death at birth because the specialist had yet to see a child survive with kidneys as damaged.  Further treatments and a month later, the baby was born in February 2002.  In the hours and days that followed the numbers praying grew, all hoping for his survival.  Me, I just intended the best to happen accepting that his survival may or may not have been for the best.

The baby’s strength grew with every hour.  When the nurse phoned his urinal toxicity levels to the specialist, he ordered her to ring him back with the correct test results.  Even his health at birth was dis-believable.  He lives well and happy today on one treatment a month.  He doesn’t need further tests until his teenage years.  There are no foreseeable problems in any of his future.  He loves football and possesses a smile which lights up my world.  All thanks to divine grace and Vortex Healing.  

  Healing Story:

I spent this past weekend at a "poets retreat" up in the Berkshires (the back woods of Connecticut). An old farmhouse on a huge piece of land in what seems like the middle of nowhere . . . . So as we prepared to leave this afternoon, low and behold- the battery is dead on one of the 12 passenger vans, and no one has jumper cables. As people begin clamoring and devising plans, I sense that it's an energy thing, not simply a battery thing.  So very quietly and inconspicuously, I walk over to the propped up hood, feel the battery a bit, and I notice that the battery and the engine were off their gridlines (kind of a psychic sight thing.). I drop a little structure in, fluff a little energy out, re-align the grid in the engine with intention, run a little Vortex, and the lines drop back into place- all together it took less than a minute.  I hop in the van, put one hand on the wheel, turn the key VVVRRRROOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!  Back in business! There was a collective "how the f--- did you do that?"- and with a humble shrug I simply replied, "Magic."

  Healing Story:

My cordless phone started making funny hissing noises- changing channels didn’t help. Then it corrected itself spontaneously, and then the same problem. My husband fiddled with the battery connection (he can usually put most things right) but no success. I made one of the electronic structures (actually, I didn’t think it would work!!) but the phone immediately had a clear line and has been working since then. I was really pleasantly freaked out. 

  Healing Story: 

Yesterday our little electric heater did not start moving, when I turned it on in the bathroom. I tried again - nothing. So I put in a Vortex structure and some Vortex. It gave a little ‘click’, although it was turned off. Then I started it again - and it worked !

  Healing Story:

Over eight years ago I became ill with persistent glandular fever symptoms.  Repeated blood tests for the virus however, came back negative.  Constantly being told by local doctors that I was merely suffering from stress due to exams, I continued to push myself academically and due to a passion for sport, physically. As a result, my health gradually declined.  During my A-levels I was incredibly ill, depressed and lost.  My hair was weak and thin, strands fell out constantly; permanently freezing, I would attend school in the height of summer dressed for arctic conditions and would sleep fully clothed under three duvets shivering.  When I left school I tried to start full time employment but was just too ill to cope.  I vomited every day due to exhaustion and would pass out anywhere; at one time I even fell asleep in a theme park.  Still being told by doctors that I was normal I felt as if I was losing my mind and quite literally crashed and burned.  In absolute desperation over two years ago I turned to homeopathy.  Thankfully, I was finally thoroughly tested and properly diagnosed.  I had developed food allergies to almost everything that I regularly ate from chocolate to beef.  I tested positive for over twenty viruses including Epstein Barr, Cytomegalia and Glandular Fever, basically an ME cocktail. 

Since that time through a slow, painful and enlightening journey I have reclaimed my health and life.  I started my spiritual healing with Reiki and over the past two years I have attained Reiki 1 and 2 attunements.  I have always believed that anything is possible but I wasn’t prepared for the astounding life altering effects that VortexHealing would have on me.  I have only had four or five healing sessions, but within three months I have gone from a person living with ME to a normal person; several of the ME associated viruses that I suffered from have completely disappeared from my system and the glandular fever virus has almost gone as well.

Experiencing VortexHealing and the positive changes it’s brought about in me has been miraculous.  Physically I feel 100% improved, spiritually I’m opening up incredibly and learning to release negativity.  The way I view life and the world is completely altering, I’m living with joy that my life is limitless and free flowing for the first time.

  Healing Story:

         A woman had painful warts under the soles of her feet and I was asked to heal her. So I used (at a distance !) our new Virus-Treatment with Omega Crystal Structures with the intention of having them disrupt the virus’ internal and external communications, for about 12 minutes. Then Vortex with Mauma and All Energetics into the warts - Alignment Structure into the connective tissue of the legs and Vortex into the structure.

         About a week later I used Divine Fire to burn out all activity of the virus (I actually had forgotten to do it the first time), and again Omega Crystal Structures for 7 minutes.

         The warts went away and two months later they have not returned.

Healing Story:

     The symptoms are beyond pain. The best way to describe it is like someone has smashed you with a hammer from head to toe while you were sleeping. It can come on in seconds. It’s something you live with and pay it no mind or become depressed and let it eat you alive. I learned to walk on the pain, so it wasn’t obvious…. I had done a lot of work to get me to this point, as I was bedridden for 3 years. Getting over the tiredness of sleeping most of the time to exercising in torturous pain just to make myself mobile again took about 2 ½ years.

     It was the last day of the Basic Training. [For various reasons, I hadn’t spoken to Ric about my pain] but a half hour before [I needed to leave], Ric spoke about Connective Tissue Diseases. In hearing the word ‘Connective Tissue’, I put my hand up saying, “I’ve got that”, like I’d bought it. Understandably, he was bewildered as to why I did not say anything before…. I told him that I was leaving very shortly as I was going on holiday. It was more or less time for me to get my things together and make sure the taxi was going to come on time…. I was more concerned with catching a plane than my health. I’d lived with it long enough and had no idea or could even begin to imagine it could possibly leave my body just like that.

     [Ric worked on me for a short time] and I got up and said thank you, walked over to where I was sitting and dropped to my knees to pick up my papers. I came out of the room already missing everyone … and I stopped in my tracks abruptly and started saying, “No way. No way.” I was as light as a snowflake, like all my body weight had been lifted. Every joint in my body did not feel like mine; it wasn’t my body. This may sound dramatic but this was all happening at once. No pain, like someone with an invisible duster brushed it all off me. I was poking and prodding, squeezing and pressing by body to get a reaction, and simply nothing. Nothing. I’m bending, kneeling, squatting, twisting side to side outside the room where everyone was. I went up to the door to go back inside but walked away continually saying, “No way. This isn’t happening.” So I do more bending, prodding, poking, waiting for the pain to kick in, but nothing apart from feeling as if something quite ultimate and very profound and where everything has stood still in absolute shock. I walk back to the door and somehow walk in, float into the room where everyone is doing a meditation and I can’t remember after that what I said, but I do know I could have picked him up, Ric that is, and flung him in the air.

     And you must believe, my life has flipped over, over night.

(Note from Ric: this student had a form of lupus, and at that time I used Divine Fire, as any Omega student can do, to knock out the viral component of it. I was quite surprised myself, though, at how quickly all her pain symptoms, in all of her joints especially, just vanished. That’s grace!)

  Class Story:

I need to just acknowledge to you what a huge class Sensing is proving to be for me.  I spent the day of the class coughing and left feeling sick and exhausted for a long time afterwards.  But there's a new way of seeing truth in my heart that was not there before. It's just such a huge door that's opened for me in sensing stuff about myself mostly.  Such a different way of 'seeing'.  I don't even have the words for how grateful I am –

  Class Story:

I have been somehow 'electrified' since the class [Body and Heart of Merlin’s Jewel] - my hair, which is very fine anyway, has been almost standing on end and I cannot touch car doors, or supermarket fridge metal trims, etc. without getting quite a nasty shock!!

  Menopausal Study

     One of our Vortex students did a study on the effects of using Vortex Genetics on menopause symptoms. What is below is in her own words:

[Note from the Vortex Student]: Just a brief history as to the origin of the menopause study.  I had been suffering from rather severe menopausal symptoms.  My symptoms included hot flashes, night sweats, severe PMS, insomnia , restless sleep, weight gain, loss of sexual desire, heavy bleeding, mood swings, irritability, bladder infections, vaginal dryness. You name it, I had it!  Taking hormone replacement therapy was not an option for me.  I tried balancing everything in my system to relieve the symptoms without success, even suggestions made by Ric.  As a last option, I did a genetic modification for the symptoms really expecting it not to work. Miraculously it did!  So, if it worked on me would it work on others?  Hence the Menopause study. 

  Summary of Menopausal study results:

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats- 75% success rate in relieving symptoms

The body seems to need night sweats and hot flashes to prevent the body from producing certain diseases. If the frequency of the symptoms begin to increase repeat the genetic modification.

Heavy Bleeding- 75-90% success rate

There is an issue component to the heavy bleeding, so if the issue is worked on and resolved the success rate is closer to 100% with the genetic modification.  

Urinary Dysfunction- 75-90% success rate. I am including bladder infections in this category. Bladder infections can be tricky.  There can be a physical, emotional, and karmic component to it. Therefore, if the modification does not completely work, you also need to work on those. 

  There wasn't anyone in the study that had fibroids.

  The rest of the symptoms had an 80-90% success rate .

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