Healing Story:

            I had just come back from LifeForm class when my son and his friend, both of whom are tree-surgeons, arrived at my house to travel to an event. His friend was off work because he had badly cut his hand with a chain-saw and he said he had no feeling in the hand. I offered to do something with it, he looked a bit worried but I said I would only hold it gently. I held his hand between mine went into my heart and connected with Merlin, and asked for energetic intervention. I connected my navel to the hand and my third eye and asked for healing for the hand.

I felt a lot of movement between my hands and my navel and third eye become active at different times. I was only able to do about ten minutes of work as they had to leave. I finished the healing and he made a fist with his hand and stretched his fingers and said his hand felt completely different, he said it felt like his hand again, and gave me a strange look!!  

Healing Story:

A client of mine told me the other day of a strange thing that happened after one of my healing sessions with her. She arrived home and as she was sitting down she became aware that she could taste cigarettes in her mouth and smelt cigarette smoke around her. She asked her husband if he had been smoking and he said, certainly not. She said she had only ever smoked one cigarette in her life and it was years ago. She did say however that both her parents had been heavy smokers, I can only surmise that whatever had happened during the healing had released this from her cells.

Healing Story:

Within 48 hours of seeing a dentist to have a filling replaced, my legs went numb and tingling, and I had difficulty walking as my legs kept giving way. (Later I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair for a period!) Very shortly thereafter I had acute and sudden panic in the adrenal area (it was as if the fight/flight mechanism was perpetually switched on) and there was a strong physical shaking in the kidney area. I was diagnosed by a doctor/homeopath as having mercury poisoning. This was confirmed within seconds of taking a few drops of a homeopathic Mercury Remedy by the fact that the shaking subsided immediately to some degree. Mercury is more toxic than arsenic, and poisoning can produce a whole host of symptoms - both psychological and physiological, and my system was affected on both counts. I had all twelve of my metal fillings removed (not necessarily advisable for everyone) and tried all kinds of alternative approaches (orthodox medicine in the UK and US is reluctant to diagnose mercury poisoning and many doctors do not use appropriate diagnostic methods or tests).

Although I got out of the wheelchair eventually and, with everything I had done, experienced some improvement in my symptoms, for nearly two years I felt dreadful. I happened to meet Ric just after he had taught the first Essence course. He checked with Merlin and recommended the Essence level Energetic Intervention for the mercury poisoning. Within one session of seeing a Vortex healer who had just done Essence, 75% of the remaining mercury symptoms were gone. The following session the remaining 25% of the symptoms left - and they have never returned. I was amazed at the effectiveness and the rapidity of Vortex to deal with a problem that in my experience is very hard to access safely through other means. 

Healing Story:

I have an interesting story about a cat. The cat had cancer (a large tumor in the stomach), very anemic with a high fever. He was completely lethargic and avoided everything and everybody. He was scheduled to be put to sleep and in the last moment the owner followed a gut feeling to take him home again. She called me up (I had treated her a couple of years ago for her chronic fatigue from which she completely recovered) and I did a session on the cat. That first session was just about recovering his will to live again. Since he was so weak, I wasn't able to do much else. In the next few days he started to perk up and I then did a session in person releasing issues connected to the cancer and also working on the cancer itself. The process of the session was fascinating. When I started with the energizing part of the session the cat started running and jumping around  and playing. At the release part of the session he got all spooked. He made a humpback and made the motion to attack my hand where the energy was coming from. I wasn't scared and didn't move away so he stopped. At some point he surrendered to the process by just going to sleep. Long story short, the cat started eating again. He started getting very social again with the owner and other neighborhood cats. When he was brought back to the doctor, his fever was gone, the blood had returned to completely normal and he had gained weight. The week after they did another sonogram. The tumor had shrunk to a quarter of its original size.

Healing Story:

When I came back from Multi-Frequency class in July, I popped in to see my mum one day to find her very upset - she had previously bought a whole load of tropical fish which she'd had for approximately 6 months. One of them was very poorly so she'd popped him into a plastic container to float in the tank and so not infect the others.  The little guy had been getting worse by the day for 3 days and seemed to be on his last legs (not literally of course!!).  I decided to give him a vortex treatment and asked for Merlin's help.  I channelled Multi-Frequency and the most appropriate LifeEssences for fish into the little guy for 30 minutes, my hand over the top of the plastic container he was in.  After 30 mins I looked down at the fish, who was looking up at me (coincidence, I'm sure).  We put him in a glass container and popped him back in the tank.  He then started swimming at speed around his container and his friends, who were inquisitive about their new friend (they'd forgotten he existed!) were all bumping their noses on the container to see who he was.  After a few hours, mum was convinced that the fish was better (the fact that it was travelling faster round the container than it had ever done in the tank was what clinched it!!) and let him back into the tank with his friends.  He is to this day alive and well and is called Muffly (as I used Multi-Frequency (MF)and LifeEssences (LE) to revive him.  What's even stranger is that every time I visit my mum and go near the tank, Muffly is the one who comes straight to me.  Who said that fish weren't intelligent!!!!

Story after losing Core Veil:  

The other morning I was putting some makeup on and using the tiny little mirror that I have been using for years and years when I looked into it and saw NOTHING.  I had the mirror the wrong way round and had looked into it expecting to see my face as usual and it was just black and nothing.  The shock was really quite profound for such a small happening and I think Someone was giving me a little dig - a bit more of a Wake Up call.  Thought I'd share that with you.

Class Story:

A colleague of mine did not recognize me when I came to work, she walked right pass me and the first hour she touched me all the time to see if it was really me, she could not believe it....

[This was after Karmic Bodies class.]

Healing Story:

My father is my worst patient. He doesn’t believe in energy and has kind of strong shield that won’t allow me to help even with a mild headache. He is 83 years old and fell and had a fissure in his pelvis bone. The doctors said 45 days in bed to begin with. He asked for help... so I started a general healing session.

Suddenly while doing a structure I began to visualize the crack in the bone and a very white substance that slowly began filling the crack .  Even though I thought it was my imagination I enjoyed that neat sensation. Two days later he could stand up and felt no pain.  Everybody was astonished about the speed of the soldering (welding). Now a month passed and he is walking normally.    

Oh... he is now a strong believer on Vortex energetic therapy.

Healing Story:

I am working with a client who was given a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in 1994.  The manifestation of the illness was a ‘checking behavior’ that involved checking electrical appliances and outlets.  Early on, her compulsion to obsessively check a few SPECIFIC electrical items before leaving her home necessitated allotting additional time for the behavior and yet still frequently resulted in tardiness to scheduled appointments.  Over time, the behavior dramatically worsened to the point where she felt that ALL items in her home involving electricity needed to be checked and that she additionally needed confirmation from someone other than herself that they were checked.  By the time of our first session, it had been approximately 5 years since she had with any consistency been able to leave her home without someone walking her to every outlet in the house to confirm the electrical cords were unplugged.  This could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the day; on occasion, frustration overwhelmed her before the checking was completed, and she opted to stay home. 

She had three sessions that included Vortex and Shamanic Healing ways.  One of those sessions was at her home, where she also had a house clearing.  After the third session, which was done remotely, she was able to leave the house on her own without any assistance from another person.  A few weeks later, she was and is continuing to periodically leave the house on her own.  The checking time varies, though her confidence in trusting her own abilities has continued to increase and has allowed her to stay out for longer and longer periods of time.  One of the most rewarding events for the client was making a last minute decision to go on an Adyashanti retreat, which she did.  She had not packed and gone on a trip by herself in approximately 10 years.  She is looking forward to taking the Basic Vortex class in January.

Healing Story:

My wife just told me that our water has tasted very different since two days ago. She was really serious about it - like she was thinking really hard about what had happened to it. I asked if the change was for the better or worse, and she said better. Then I told her that two days ago I had put in a structure inside our water filter to optimise the quality of the water.

            How is that for an unsolicited confirmation that this stuff works?! 

Healing Story:

For nearly a year now I was having trouble sleeping. I would sleep for a couple of hours, then be awake for a couple of hours, then fall back to sleep for an hour and a half, then be awake again until the wee hours of the morning, then fall back to sleep only to feel exhausted when it was time to get up. Night after night I would awaken, unable to fall back to sleep, then spend time tossing and turning or surfing on the Internet hoping to tire myself out. This routine became commonplace for me, however, not a routine I enjoyed. I tried several other energy therapies, I changed the time of day in which I exercised, I took supplements, and so on, only to find nothing helped.

Then at a workshop recently I mentioned my chronic sleep deprivation to Ric who offered to check my systems for me. When doing so, the first thing he found was a broken Divine Line in my left foot. He asked me if I had been asking Merlin to repair Divine Lines for me, and I honestly answered, “No.” With all the work I was doing with VortexHealing energy in regards to self-healing, I had not been doing something as simple as asking Merlin to repair my Divine Lines before beginning my self-healing, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed to do.

For several nights now, just before falling to sleep, I ask Merlin to repair Divine and Vital Web Lines for me, and I am sleeping 4-5 hours at a stretch. I am elated!!! I have doubled and nearly tripled the block of sleep I had become used to getting, and I am more energized than I have been in months. I now have an even greater appreciation for the power of VortexHealing energy, and a better understanding of how important this one step is in the overall process.  

Class/ Healing Story:

An interesting thing has happened. Since coming back from Omega class, I am no longer able to drink alcohol.  I was at one point not so long ago able to drink any man under the table, but since coming back, I have been violently sick after drinking just three vodkas, and last night, I had two or three sips of an Irish coffee (whiskey), and felt completely ill and dizzy, so, perhaps the addictions thing [a special release Merlin did for the group at Omega] worked for me with alcohol, although I didn't think of alcohol at the time. Anyway, it's making me, so sick I've decided just to let it go and give up. Strange don't you think?

Healing Story:

My best friend from college plays a lot of sports, and for many years now he has played on a local league baseball team as a pitcher. Last year, his arm was hurting too much to pitch, and when he had it examined, the MRI showed that a small bit of his tendon had separated from the bone in his shoulder. Most people choose not to do anything about it, because it will only hurt when you pitch baseball and the only other option is to have surgery and 6 months of physical therapy. However, he REALLY loves playing baseball and was considering the surgery, so I convinced him to give Vortex a shot with 10 sessions to see how it went (he works at Google, so he didn't mind paying me for it). We did the 10 sessions (which I quickly broke up into twice as many half-sessions), and now he's pitching with only the normal soreness that he's always had. He's still taking it easy, and he's getting "maintenance" treatments from me, but according to his doctors he shouldn't have been able to do even this much without excruciating pain.

Between that, and the fact that I was able to completely clear out his Pink Eye overnight, he now seems to be a believer in Vortex. 

Healing Story:

First, I recently worked on a friend who had been in the hospital for two weeks with an antibiotic-resistant staph infection that had gotten into his spine. His hands were in bandages and the skin was starting to rupture from the swelling, and it was only getting worse. When I found out, I ran mostly Divine Fire for 5-10 minutes. The next day, the swelling had dropped significantly, and a few days later he was home.

In an odd twist, he may be in a position to sue the hospital because they hit him with a $180k bill after telling him that it was completely recovered, and they may have done a lot of unnecessary testing - particularly in light of his rapid recovery, which would contra-indicate much of their diagnoses.

Healing Story:

A Vortex friend of mine arrived from San Francisco from taking Basic and Advanced levels and went to visit her parents.  They had an old Ford that was very difficult to sell. It had been for almost a year parked on the street with an "On Sale" sign. They asked her to use her new magic skills to do something so the car could be sold. She entered in the car and made some structures. The next morning a man came asking to buy the car. They rode it, the engine sounded very well and he found that it was the "perfect" car.

  1. He bought the car instantly and accepted the price.

  2. When signing the papers they realized that the Vortex student and the new car owner were close friends when kids.

  3. The new car owner was a VortexHealing student!!!!  

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