Healing Story:

After a lot of insomnia and shock [because of carpel tunnel getting worse and possibly being fired at work], I found myself with a slight fever at the end of Friday. On Saturday, I woke up with a really bad cold rapidly coming on - my throat was getting more sore by the second and I could feel it in my lungs -and I could tell it would be one of those 2-week-long colds. Since I'm about to go on vacation to NY to take Inter-D, I didn't want to be sick.

I felt too weak to channel but I got the inspiration to try energetic intervention. After 15 minutes of holding my throat and chest and sinuses, I went from rapidly getting sicker to rapidly getting better. My throat went from rapidly getting more sore to noticeably improved. I also broke a timeline just in case and used natural supplements, but it was the energetic intervention that did it, in a dramatic way. 36 hours later I feel like I'm almost better. Amazing.

Healing Story:

            At the end of last year, I was diagnosed with endometriosis.  This condition affects the reproductive system as well as other organs, can cause infertility and huge amounts of pain in the pelvic cavity (which is my experience of many years).  I have recently started treating the condition with recommended herbs on the physical level to clear it out of my system, however, just after returning from After the Veil 1, the pain was extreme so I decided to do a genetic modification on the whole of my reproductive system. The shift was so immense, that I relived a traumatic incident of rape, murder and the loss of my children.  I knew it was illusion on one level, but emotionally I was still traumatised for about 20 mins.  However, the relief to my whole repro system was so huge, that the pain immediately dissipated and after deepening the physicalisation of the modification the next day, my whole repro system continued to shift dramatically.  After experiencing painful periods for many years, I recently had a period, when there was virtually no pain.

Consciousness Story:

Note: Kitty began acting in the way described below shortly after we returned from After the Veil class. So we call her liberated now.

Before "liberation" kitty was just a nice, sensitive cat coming and going as he pleased, being both wild and cuddly inside. This is a very independent cat.

After "liberation" kitty is more "free" with fewer cat boundaries. He seems "more sensitive" to the environment; he is calmer and more patient, and often sits at the window meditating, snoring, and watching the birds flit around.  Kitty does not seem to hunt just for the sport anymore, apparently chasing only what he can eat and no more.

The main difference is that kitty now spends a majority of his time with all four paws in the air sprawled out anywhere near one of us simply resting, purring and enjoying being around us -- and kitty has displayed an interesting empathy, as he often sits next to me and lays one paw on my arm or leg. The communication we have with kitty is remarkable and he seems to understand our feelings well. It is very difficult to express all the differences between Kitty "before and after liberation" except to say that he is much more a 'part of the family' as he lives a greater degree of freedom from myopic 'catiness' and is more of a cosmic cat now known as "healing-paws".

 Class Story:

After one class, I tried to breast feed my son of 3 years instead of my younger daughter. I tried for 5 minutes, even though he was looking very upset. He hadn’t been breast feeding in over a year. I wrestled with him for 5 minutes, until I realized I was trying to breast feed the wrong child!

 Healing Story:

I've been working with a client for a few weeks now. She had a large fungal mass behind her heart that was pressing on her lung and causing her to cough incessantly, making it impossible even to sleep. Once it was diagnosed, I started working on her, hitting the physical as well as the emotional sides of it. A couple weeks later, a follow-up X-ray showed that the growth had diminished in size, and today a new CAT scan showed no growth whatsoever. They want to do another follow up in 3 months, but for now she has a clean bill of health - all without surgery or toxic anti-fungals. 

 Healing Stories:

Just wanted to share some things. I came down with some sort of viral thing... white dots on throat and felt pretty yucky. I was using Divine Fire for 2 days, felt better, but still pretty yucky. THEN I used the Omega crystal structures on the 'viral-bits' huge difference. Today is the first day where the dots on my throat are gone. Granted, I am also on herbs from an acupuncturist and had acupuncture, but I can definitely feel the difference by using those structures!

The other thing I wanted to share is last month I was in the shower and the metal shaving cream bottle fell and hit my ankle pretty hard. Could not walk normal without it hurting. I ran Omega for just a few minutes before I was going to sleep and it healed it so much that the next day I was walking with NO PAIN that I forgot I even hurt myself.

 Healing Story (VH teacher story):

            I periodically do short treatments on 2 autistic boys, just 5 or 10 minutes at a time. I have found in general VortexHealing works amazingly on autistic children. Both of these children, for instance, have had large behavioral changes that are not subtle ones. And sometimes changes are instantly visible. For instance, this year, after we discovered the Jewel technique I used it (at a distance) on one of the children to ‘transform the cellular consciousness of the brain’. The next morning was the very first time he ever initiated a joke.

 Event Story:

I had an interesting experience the other day. As I was walking alongside a neighbor's field, suddenly 4 big dogs, lined up side-by-side, started barking and loping towards me. Now, I know I have dog issues and this scenario terrified me. All I could see were those huge, sharp canines, hear the barking, and see them coming after me. Yikes! What to do? They were closing in on me. There was only a moment of hesitation during my panic, when suddenly I called on Merlin and quickly thought-said, "jewel, jewel, jewel!" about a milion times, a million miles an hour. And, guess what? Those 4 threatening dogs stopped cold in their tracks, turned around and ignored me! I have never ever experienced such relief and joy as when those dogs turned tail. No one else was around, no one called the dogs back, I looked around to be sure.

 Healing Story:

Just to let you know that the 67 year old client I was treating for the 'incurable' bone marrow disorder went for another clinical test last week and his blood was pronounced 'fine' by the nurse who is still puzzled by it all!  He is due for another check up in three months time, which should be his last check up.  He is going to continue on a maintenance-type plan monthly with Vortex.  Needless to say he is 'over the moon' with his recovery - he thought he was going to die and he was told that he would be on blood transfusions for the rest of his time. I have used different Jewel techniques with him including working with the cellular consciousness of his bone marrow cells and also, to begin with, I used Energetic Intervention.

 Healing Story:

     I want to 'big up' the Unwinding the Fascia class tools. I worked on a couple of people at Omega and by just doing unwinding on the shoulder and neck while channeling, it unlocks so much deep emotional stuff that wasn't so freely available before (on almost everyone I've worked on in that way since taking that class) that is then able to be worked on. So, it's such a powerful tool to use, for me anyway.

 Event Story:

My daughter will be 7 soon and she has wanted a dog for six months for her birthday. I agreed to open my heart for that and I started looking. After looking for awhile I realized that it will not be easy to find—I wanted a white dog and all available dogs were not white, and I didn’t have the money to buy one...

4 weeks ago, my neighbor whom I just met recently (who happened to be born on the same year, day, and just one hour after me) telephoned  me to tell me that she and her husband just bought this white golden retriever puppy and after two days she can’t handle it, and if I want it I can have it today, and they don't care about the money they just want it to have a loving home. I ran to see it and I immediately said yes. At 18:00 they arrive to bring the puppy, and Merav and Ella were there, and I wanted to call him Merlin but Merav said it was not, and I named it Arthur.

After 3 weeks we found out that his father is a British dog from a special lineage that was brought to Israel to have many puppies and his name is Merlin!

            My daughter said it is a gift from Merlin and Amma together. I feel very lucky.

 Lila Story:

Adyashanti once said that the essence of spirituality boils down to two things—self-inquiry and surrender.  Because the second one sounded more difficult, I began with the “who am I” question.  That got the ball rolling, but only so far. 

Now, surrender.  How do I do that?   Understanding the word was one thing,--embodying it was something completely different.  Any realization I had was mostly in the mind, maybe a little in the heart, and not really down in the body much at all. 

One thing that immediately came up is that my personal will didn’t like to do this—it wanted to see what was going on in a person’s system and decide what to channel.  Just letting the divine choose was no fun at all to the ego.

In trying to surrender my illusion of control in channeling to Merlin, something shifted.  All of a sudden my desire to do vortex and take more classes was in question.  Up to this point, I looked forward to the next class.  I would solidify my commitment by making hotel reservations far in advance.  Then came “whose commitment is it”?   How beautiful.

The whole doubt issue came to a head, and I decided not to take the March classes.  It wasn’t based on a solid feeling of not needing to them—it was more a reaction to the natural inclination to sign up for any class I could.  It felt like I had finally beaten my personal will, except really I had just used personal will to make an opposite decision of my original will. 

Throughout January a new round of doubt started as it became clearer that there was no more surrendering going on then before, just a different game of personal decision.  That surrender thing hovered around me like a pesky mosquito.  So with much confusion in my mind I tried to let Merlin help me decide whether to go to the next classes.

Coming from a place of strong personal will, my attempt at surrender was rather humorous, much like a baby’s first attempt at walking.  It was really just a game.  I would ask Merlin, but I felt I could ignore the answer if I didn’t like it. Just a game. I was soon to learn that when one asks the divine to dance, the music can play all night.  Over the next couple of weeks I asked Merlin almost daily if I should take the Earth Shift, and consistently got a ‘no’ answer.  Then I would ask if I should take the Sensing class, and I would get a ‘yes’ answer. 

Having to fly out from California for a one-day class didn’t really suit my personal will, so I asked Merlin if I should go to New York during the Earth Shift, but not actually take the class.  On this question I got a ‘yes’.  The ego was satisfied, thinking Merlin had some important reason for me not taking the Earth Shift.  It became an intricate dance, kind of a hologram of surrender, a play at it.  That was all I could manage at the time.

Finally I discussed this situation with Ric, and he brought to light the whole game aspect of this decision, and how Merlin was merely reflecting my thoughts back, dancing in perfect sync with me, so that the dynamic could play out.  After all the play at surrender, it appeared I was back to having to decide for myself.  This surrender thing wasn’t as easy as it sounded!

The day before the EarthShift, after arriving in NY, Merlin started giving me a ‘yes’ to take the class.  Or maybe after realizing the game of it all I just decided to go.  With Merlin being a mirror, there seemed no way to tell. 

During the Sensing, people starting asking me if I was staying for Inter-D class.  I told everyone no, that I had to get back to work.  Then something shifted, and I looked at surrender again.  The questions, “what if?” arose.  I wondered what if I just let the divine decide.

This sense of comfort came over me, the weight of personal will being lifted off.  I decided that after sensing class I would go buy a slice of pepperoni pizza.  If the slice had an even number of pepperonis, I would stay for Inter-D.  If it had an odd number, I would get on the plane home as planned.

Walking to the pizza parlor, there was something more serious about the surrender this time.  I was completely willing to go home, and completely willing to stay.  It was just up to the divine to decide.  I felt neutral towards the outcome.

I ordered a slice of pepperoni and waited.   When the slice came out of the oven, I carefully took it to a table, put it in Mauma, and started counting. 

One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five.  Six.  And… a half pieces of pepperoni!  A half?!  What is that?  What does that mean?  Six means stay, seven means go.  What does six-and-a-half mean? 

In a state of utter confusion, I heard this laughter come up from inside, as if the divine were laughing at the situation.  I started laughing, and said, “OK, I get it.  I’ll go to the class”.  It seemed that if I needed proof of the existence of divine will, there was no better example than those six-and-a-half pieces of pepperoni.  Just laughter.

So I stumble along the journey of surrender like a child learning to walk—taking a step, falling down, laughing on the floor.  When someone asks if I’m taking the next Vortex class, I can honestly say I have no idea.

 Healing Story:

This story is about grandma. Pushing 90, she's been homebound for years because of having one ear completely deaf and the other barely functional (I'd say it's at 10%). The hearing loss was totally devastating to her since she was a very social personality. It isolated her to her apartment and got her stuck with TV, which she could hear through earphones. Being her only companion, she sat in front of it relentlessly, ultimately wearing out her capacity to walk comfortably and all that.

Since last spring, she has been living in an assisted living situation. It has been hard because she wants to relate to others but can't hear what they say. The hearing aid makes the situation even worse, so she has become really angry and difficult to be with.

Last week, I spoke with my mom who said that there has been a change in her condition. Unexpectedly, my grandma got back her ability to hear and communicate. Her attitude became more positive and now she is communicating with the others a lot. (She thinks that they are her servants, but that's another story.) Needless to say, the nurses and my parents were totally thrilled about the change.

            According to my parents, the change started taking place after my visit to grandma. While there, I felt called to take the hearing aid in my hand and put some electronic and other structures into it. Obviously, it worked wonders. 

Healing Story:

One of my students who has a very difficult time asked me to have a counseling session. She is an older woman who lived and worked in and with a group, where she found her long wished for life purpose. All her friends and partner lived there too. But the group turned out to be a dark religious sect and she finally left. When she came she was in very bad shape emotionally. Before the counseling session I gave her energizing and treatment crystals and during the session I put her and her situation in the Healing Grid and listened to her. That was the only thing I did.

Three days later she wrote me an email in which she said that that she was relieved, that her deep sorrow and tension were gone, that she didn't have to cry so much anymore, that she felt that her aura was healed and she felt a lot of love.

For me it is amazing, and the first time I did my counseling this way, because of the emergency of the situation she was in. I am surprised and can hardly believe it, although I have a great faith in VortexHealing. And of course I am glad for her that she feels so much better and can handle her life.

  Healing Story:

I have been working with a client for the past couple of weeks. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was going through chemotherapy. I initially tried to work directly on the tumor, but Merlin let me know that my approach wasn't the most efficient way of going about it. So we worked on clearing the emotional causes of the disease and also worked with helping her body assimilate the chemotherapy and helping it to work on a deeper level. She went for an MRI earlier this week, and there were absolutely no visible signs of the tumor! I am sure that you get success stories all the time, but for me it is so amazing!  She was able to describe the Vortex wheel to me and also able to identify what colors of light I was working with even though i am working from Oregon and she lives in North Carolina.  On my second to last session with her she told me about these shapes that she kept seeing and tonight during my session I saw them too.  I went through a series of yes & no's with Merlin and I found out that they were energetic structures that He had put in place in order to help facilitate her healing (I knew that I didn't do it, because I am just a Basic student).  This is all so amazing to me.

  Healing Story:

For the last year, I've been struggling with nighttime back pain. Part of it was karmic, part of it had to do with a misalignment of my spine, and part of it had to do with my kidney and left channel - my left kidney felt "bruised" in a way, which I couldn't seem to fix with Jewel, energizing funnels, unraveling, the Merlin mantra, nothing. Finally, after getting a really good adjustment from a chiropractor/Vortex friend of mine, I used the new update to Jewel to improve the constitutional health of my kidney meridian, and now my back and kidney feel completely normal every morning. What a difference even that small up-tick to Jewel can make!  

Awakening (Lila) Story:

My young nephew announced to me recently, "Aunt Jen, I'm free!"  I thought about the recent Earthshift in London where we opened a space for children to see their freedom. My nephew and I talked for a while about how everybody is free, but they don't always know it. He agreed, "Ya, I'm free, he said.  “One, two, free!"

He is three years old.

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