Healing Story:

A friend of ours (50 years old) was told to have cancer of the breast. She was operated on once to take out a piece of tissue for inspection. They sent it in and told her she had to have another surgery where they would take out more (but not all of the breast) plus the lymph glands. Then she would get ray-treatment.

Before the second OP my husband and I did a Reality Shifting on her (which we had JUST learned in the Karmic Body class in London). Then she awoke from the narcosis and noticed they had not taken away much, and the lymph glands are still all there! They told her, it was not cancer after all, but only pre-cancer. She needs a bit of ray-treatment now, but she is so happy!

  Healing Story:

I want to tell you that Omega energy also worked wonderfully on tulips. I got a bunch of them from a client, Two of the flowers started straight away to hang down. After using the energy they stood up right again and still are for the 6th day. Nice!  

Healing Story:

Thought of sharing what happened on Tuesday night as I was spending my night at the Manchester airport.

At 1 am, I woke up to some lady in her 40s coughing in a chair next to me. The problem was that it was continuous. In fact, every fifteen seconds she'd get into these loud, dry coughs that were not going to go anywhere. Drudgingly, after some 20 minutes, I mustered enough effort and intetion to put some MF devices into her to facilitate better breathing. By the third one, she was sound asleep.

After about an hour, I woke up to more coughing, except that now the condition had progressed to where she almost choked a couple of times. To my comment: "Your body needs water" she replied that only reason she's at the airport is because she is waiting for the luggage that contains the machine that she's always hooked up to and allows her to breathe. For whatever reason, the airline didn't allow her to bring it on the plane but then ended up losing the luggage that contained the machine.

Since there was no end in sight to her coughing and suffering - and I needed sleep - I decided to give her a healing (without her knowing). Tuning into her revealed a tremendous underlying emotional issue. I asked Merlin to address the true cause of her breathing condition and put her in Omega & grid for about 30-40 minutes. Within 10 minutes, she was quiet. In 20 minutes, she was sound asleep and slept for hours without coughing or waking up. Some 7-8 hours later, I saw her eating next to me. Still, no coughing - and she looked a lot better, at least for now.

I guess the airliners know when is a good time to lose stuff and make some room for more Vortex!

Healing Story:

I want to share a Jewel 2 healing story with you. It was just a couple of days after the class that I got the opportunity to test-drive the new Jewel 2.

A friend of mine’s dog had a kidney infection for which the vet had prescribed some medication. A few days into the medication the dog became worse and was taken to the vet again and was given a dose of morphine to get her up and running again. However, she reacted really badly to this and my friend thought it was her last days (the dogs not my friends) and took her off the medication completely.  The symptoms were that she was restless, drinking lots of water, not sleeping and generally really low energy and looking really rough. It was two days after stopping the medication that my friend asked me to help. She is a healer herself (not VortexHealing) but the dog would not accept healing from her nor from another healer friend of hers.

I tuned in and started channeling Jewel 2. I could 'see' the kidneys as being full of shadows, or how I saw them was white with dark shadows, so I just channeled into them with the intention that they should be full of light without the shadows. The shadows gradually disappeared until I saw the kidneys as glowing with bright white light.

My friend told me the next day (24hrs later) that the dog had slept through the night without being restless or having to get up for water, in the morning her intake of water was far less and there was a "significant change in her condition" and by the end of the day appeared to be "back to normal". I then channeled for ten minutes or so more, just for nurturing.

Having just spoken to her again just now, almost two weeks later, the dog has been fine ever since, is her normal old self.

            The healing took only about ten minutes and was from a distance of approximately 160 miles.

The difference between Jewel and Jewel 2 feels to me like the difference between water and honey. It's a beautiful drive.  

Magical Structure Story:

Me and 6 more people went fishing in a yacht at the open sea.  The kind of equipment, the day, the weather, the fish hooks and the bait were all meant for fishing at most a 1 foot long, half a pound fish.  That is what we all were fishing....until M [a Vortex student] decided to put some structures in her equipment for getting something big.

Suddenly her rod bent awfully and the reel got red hot.  After struggling a bit she got a beautiful Black Bass. The captain was annihilated because the equipment was not meant for those heavy fish (about 10 pounds). 

A new structure had the same result 15 minutes later. 

When we arrived to the port we were told our situation was totally uncommon for that conditions. Merlin was having fun!  

Magical Structure Story:

I send you another magic story. Actually these things happen every day... but sometimes they are so evident that it's fun to tell them. 

My friend Alejandro asked me for WD-40 for fixing the electric rear window of his 11 year old Korean SUV. It was fully open and there was no way to close it. He tried all day millons of times and it would not close.  We had to disassemble the panel of the door and lubricate somewhere to see if that fixed it.  Quite a hard job and we had no tools and no light. It was a dark garage.

So I took 15 seconds to make a structure with the intention of lubricating whatever was stuck. Kind of nurturing a dry bearing or gear. Just that to begin with. 30 seconds later the window began working.  We could close it.  Amazing!!!

  Clearing Relationships Story:

I wanted to say that even if the only thing I had gotten out of the Jewel class was the ability to clear relationship fields, it would have been worth it, that has helped immensely in all these karmic situations I have with people at work. At first I was afraid to clear it completely but I find it's fine, sometimes it does feel like there's no connection at first but lately it just feels clean and the connection remains. I did it on my immediate supervisor, a very anxious woman who makes me tense, and I could feel her relax and then when she saw me a little while later, she smiled at me more warmly than she ever has and there was genuine love there.

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