Healing Story:

I am writing about something that might be a great story for the vortex community to know about. My mother had her bladder raised to prevent from uncontrollable leakage in her later years. Its generally expected to be a very difficult surgery, the minimum stay at the hospital for recovery was said to be at the least 2 nights but commonly people are told that it could take up to a week.  So this all said and knowing my mothers health condition which is overall ok considering she’s been a heavy smoker for the past 40 years and doesn't move much unless she has to, I ran jewel on her throughout her procedure and when she came out she said she didnt even feel like she had a surgery!

She was very ok until the restlessness of the meds kicked in from the anesthesiology and antibiotics giving her heartburn, but NO real pain!! She didn't even take vicodine which is a very standard need for post surgery patients and she was sent home after being there only one night!

I have continued to take care of her and her recovery period is seeming to be much less than expected. She just had the surgery yesterday and has been running about in the house being relatively active for her state.

So naturally to my surprise and awe I feel the VortexHealing had a major part in not only cutting her recovery in less that half but almost erased the pain!!  

Healing Story:

It was very interesting what happened the other day on my way back home from LA. Having barely gotten to my seat, I heard the pilot and flight attendants make repeated remarks to passengers about the upcoming bumpy ride. One flight attendant was even offering air masks to children as a precaution. 15 minutes of gridwork on the weather resulted as a totally smooth flight.

            With my connecting flight, the forecast was even worse: both the departure and descent were to be so bad that the pilot cancelled on-flight services and asked the cabin crew to remain seated throughout the flight. By the time I ended the gridwork, I could sense it was still working on the weather some but I chose to stop it anyway. The beginning of the flight was totally smooth - even the pilot was surprised about this unexpected weather change during his announcement. The descent had some rougher spots - maybe two minutes total. Maybe that would have been addressed had I kept the grid active until it was finished.

Powerful stuff.

  Healing Story:

A client I asked you about is aware enough to know when she is going into fear about being well after being so ill for so long, but still gets caught.  So we talked about creating a "now" spot in her room where she can go to breathe into the now and that part of her which understands that that is just an old fear.  I got her to tell me where it was in her house and draw me a diagram and then created a structure on the spot and asked Merlin to help with this.  Having done that I asked her to experiment with the spot to see if it was more effective.  She reported that her body naturally became more poised and she felt really supported to breathe into the present moment and make a new connection with her healing - Great!!!!

   Healing Story:

Very positive feedback on Mind Fixations—after clearing only two of  the three you could see (karmic and emotional 'panic') my frequent insomnia which I had had for about 5-7 years went almost completely, and now that I have done the physical one as well, I am noticing yet more improvement in my sleeping. Thank you for putting me on to this.

  Healing Story:

Thought I would pass this on. I did a Genetic Modification Healing on genetic kinks the other day on a client. The woman has a machine called a SCIO Biofeedback. One of those computerized systems that are pretty effective with healing the body. Two days after the healing she was on the device and in its iridology panel it said that there has been some “chromosomal modification.” 

How’s that for a verification!  

Healing Story:

The day after the TimeLines course I was cleaning a friend's loo with bleach and when I went to scrub it some fluid splashed up and hit my left eye.  It hurt like jiminy and I could feel the damage instantly. I immediately irrigated the eye, broke the timeline of the eye and put in structures to reverse the damage, and later a structure to prevent infection. Then I broke the timeline again because I was so shaky the first time due to shock and pain I wasn't sure I'd broken it deeply enough. Within two hours the ridging on the surface of the eye (caused by the acid eating into the tissue) just subsided to the point where I could no longer feel it at all when I blinked.  The eye gave off some matter as it cleared the dead cells for another couple of hours but within about 6 hours it was all done. 

The whole incident triggered me to do some work on my physical eyes and on my vision.  I included breaking the timelines of the neuro pathways of vision, on the function of vision, of conditioning held in the eyes, on the function of both eyes working together...  This morning I noted that I could read very faint print shortly after awakening, something that has been impossible for many years as my eyes have seemed to need time to 'wake up' in the mornings and then even when they did there was residual blurriness.  So, an excellent result all round :)  

Healing Story:

            A quick note to say how much I appreciate Breaking Timelines....I have been using it quite a bit.

I was working with one woman for breathwork who had had open heart surgery 12 years ago with a replacement of a heart valve from another human. She had always been disturbed by the “other” energy she felt from the replacement valve though she had gotten used to it over the course of 12 years. Her breathing was very disjointed between her lower and upper respiratory system with a lot of struggle between the two parts.   After I broke a timeline on the replacement heart valve and the surgery itself, she was very amazed at how different she felt.  It was a little disconcerting for her at first – said it felt weird (like something was missing) but by the next day she felt much lighter and freer and her breathing improved remarkably as she was able to breath fully, deeply, connectedly and very smoothly......it was a real joy to witness.  

Healing Story:

Even as a multi-frequency level student I have been amazed at what I've been able to do to help friends and relatives. At Thanksgiving, I started working with a relative who has been mentally ill since childhood. She asked me to help her get off of the medication she takes since it makes her gain weight and she is very heavy and unhappy about that. After 2.5 months, she is now almost completely medication free and has started an exercise program! Her psychiatrist is amazed (as are she and I). She wants me to continue the Vortex work; her goal now is to go back to school and get some training so that she might be able to get a job!

I have tried to help her all of my life and gotten nowhere through various forms of 'talking' therapy. I know there are other earth changes happening, so I can't say for sure that it is just the Vortex helping her, but she is convinced it is the work we have been doing, and after trying to help her with no result for most of my life, I can't disagree. I can't tell you what it means to me to feel I have FINALLY been able to help her in some way! (getting teary-eyed now!!) As you can imagine, I'm very excited for my next Vortex class. :)  

Class/Healing Story:

You mentioned that you can't wake up the whole body to me.  If this is the case, then what is going on with me? 

            I went to the gym today and the most incredible thing happened. It was like I remembered how to do things I had never been ever to do before. At least since I got sick when I was 18. I hardly remember what I was like before I was ill anyway. I was able to move, bend, run, and lift in a way I have never been able to before.  I was automatically completing yoga poses that I have only seen others do. I have taken maybe 8 yoga classes in my life! I would start a class and then drop it quickly as it hurt too much to continue.  I'm not hurting now. My jaw and head are still a little tight but the rest of my body feels entirely different! I'm accomplishing twice as much in half the time physically.

            This is seriously blowing my mind! I had to tell you. I had to tell somebody. I'm grateful for what ever is happening. I just don't quite understand it.

            To think such things could result from a shift in perspective is almost impossible for me to imagine. Even if it was a really big one.

            [in a later email]… Did I mention my balance?  My balance was amazing!  I've been faking good balance for 22 years. Yes, it is possible to fake it. Fancying myself a dancer before I got ill, it was really hard one me to loose the ability to move the way had before so I created an illusion of balance and flexibility. What ever is happening now is the real thing. My nerve pathways can't have just regenerated just like that. Something else must be happening.

            [in a later email]… The body stuff isn't the only interesting thing happening.  I feel like my language system finally works within system or process I'm living in.  I'm no longer a non-linear girl trying desperately to live in a linear world.  Everything fits now.  For the first time in my life I'm not terrified of getting up in the morning or walking down the street. It's strange, I know, to say I felt terrified all the time before and now I'm not.  But it's the truth.  

Healing Story

My brother's situation in his own words: "I think I know why I've been feeling the way I have: I've been experiencing one hell of a blistering migraine. I've had all sorts of attacks in the past but nothing like this. That's why I hadn't recognized it the other day when I saw clouds  - blurred vision. So, I zonked out for a couple of hours and already feel a bit better. But the extremely painful migraine I now have is ever present. In the past, the headaches have always been painless migraines.  This painful type is for the birds."

            Last night, I worked on him with many of the VortexHealing tools we have, including Vortex and Jewel, Q-Gate and Ruunga Divine Magic... threw the kitchen sink at him, so to speak.

His system only needed about 30 minutes of work. The next day (today), he sent me this message about the healing work, "I can't believe that 24 hours ago I thought I was dying, and with your magic Vortex touch, I seem to have rejoined the living. I am very mellow right now. Thanks."  

Healing Story

I have been working with an elderly woman who has multiple personalities as a result of ritualistic abuse for the first 28 years of her life. Obviously her issues are deep and powerful, but she seems remarkably functional despite the multiplicity and abuse. In any case, after working with her for several weeks, a couple of her personalities were protesting the loss of a fear they associated with her father, and at a certain point it looked like it would be appropriate to release those personalities, which I did (with her permission) by releasing each personality as a position within the brain consciousness. She later reported that she can't seem to find those personalities, and a bunch of her other personalities are quite upset because they believe that I am going to kill them. We've talked about it extensively, and so far everything seems copasetic, but it does strike me as extremely remarkable that when it is appropriate, we have a tool that can simply release a split-off personality like that. Truly, truly remarkable.

With another client, she told me that she felt this sense of lightness about 50% of the time, after clearing the core of her depression issue. To hear her say it, you would think that life was just as miserable as ever, but when I reflected back to her that she went from having no lightness ever to having lightness about half the time, she realized that this was indeed a significant change.  

Class/Healing Story

I would like to share with you one of my experiences.  Prior to the workshop [MDJ], I had been struggling with severe night sweats and hot flashes and had tried many things with no good results. The day you cleared the Ancestral Genetic Core Veil in class -- all my symptoms stopped and I have not had any since!   

Healing Story

I have had a big success treating chronic fatigue as an infection. A young lady of 18 had been a sufferer since 11 years old and after 3 sessions I have completely cleared it from her system.  I did the sessions over 6 months ago and the symptoms have not returned.

            Also a lady who has had headaches every day since she was a teenager (she is now in her fifties) was symptom free after a few sessions using energetic intervention and various work on issues and blocked energy lines to her head. I am now a miracle worker 

Lastly a lady came to me with Left arm, Left Shoulder, Left knee and a painful arch in (you guessed it) her left foot. She had not noticed the left side connection until writing all the history down on the client sheet. (Shows how important these are). Two sessions of relationship issues and a good dose of energetic intervention on her left foot resolved all her problems. Interestingly because she had seen an acupuncturist a week before the 1st session without success. VortexHealing is again a miracle cure!! She had seen her doctor before me and he had prescribed painkillers and was very surprised a month later when she saw the doctor again that she was symptom free.

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