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Merlin’s Path

Be true to Truth

Trust the process

Surrender to what is deeper

Be willing/ Stay Open

Keep it together

Have compassion for yourself and extend it to others

Free your heart: love, laugh, have fun

Invite Grace

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About the Forum: When you go to the Forum, you can log in as a guest using the same username and password as you used to access this student section of the website. Or you can REGISTER and create your own username, and password, which will allow you greater control over how to use the forum, for example to receive automatic email updates on a thread you post. Please note that after you log in, you will be asked to provide the password again. This is to prevent non-students from registering and then accessing the Forum, since it is possible for it to be accessed from outside of the student area. Note that whenever you shut down and restart your computer, you'll need to repeat all the logins.


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